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Frequently Asked Questions

Trust in us, to protect you

We are a reputable and long standing funeral plan provider throughout Great Britain and we pride ourselves on our high standard of advice and customer care.


Everyone at Pride Planning is committed to giving you a professional and affordable service, and with one of our prepaid funeral plans your loved ones won’t have to worry about the expense of a funeral when you’re gone.

How safe is the money?

Regarding safety of investments, the trustees professional advisors Embark Actuarial provide advice regarding the safe investment of the cash in a manner to ensure the availability of funds at various points into the future to coincide with expected deaths. KJG are Independent Certified professional Chartered Accountants, and carry out regular due diligence audit checks of Pride Planning Trust’s transactions, and verify the fund balance and its investments.

What is the money invested in?

A balanced portfolio which includes equities, Bonds, Index Linked Gilts, Property and cash. The actual split is determined by the trustees following upon advice from the Embark Actuarial and Investment Adviser Investec with a view to meeting the full obligations of the Trust

What is a trust?

Pride Planning Funeral Trust is there to safeguard client funeral plan money and has direct agreements with Funeral Directors to release the money for agreed plans at time of need. Until such time the Trust is there to safeguard client money, and agrees to ‘lock in the price’ of the funeral plan.

What is a trustee?

As a Pride Planning Trustee, primary responsibility is to safeguard client funds, ensuring that Funeral Directors are paid in accordance with client pre-paid plans.

What is a consumer price index?

A ‘Consumer price index (CPI) measures price changes in consumer led goods and services market purchased by households. The CPI is a method used to arrive at a statistical estimate using the sample prices that are representative items whose prices are collected periodically.

Who audits the trust and how often?

The Auditors role and purpose as independent Certified professional Chartered Accountants is to carry out regular due diligence audit checks of Pride Planning Trust’s transactions, and verify the fund balance and its investments. This information is then supplied to the Actuary who then has solid independently certified information on which to base his calculations and reports. The audit checks are generally twice per annum. With 120 years of experience, KJG are Award winning Chartered Accountants and Key Professional Business Advisors.

Who manages the trust?

The Trust is managed by a board of trustees, who are selected and appointed based on nothing less than; personal credibility, diverse skillset, professional experience, maturity and integrity. The FPA rules state that a majority of trustees of any Trust require to be completely independent of the company & In accordance with current legislation as set out in the Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000), Article 60; Pride Planning Trust was established by a written instrument and more than half our trustees are unconnected with the provider; Pride Planning Limited.