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Trust Fund Auditors

The Auditors role and purpose as independent Certified professional Chartered Accountants is to carry out regular due diligence audit checks of Pride Planning Trust’s transactions, and verify the fund balance and its investments. This information is then supplied to the Actuary who then has solid independently certified information on which to base his calculations and reports. With 120 years of experience, KJG are Award winning Chartered Accountants and Key Professional Business Advisors.

Focusing on systems, processes, people and working practices, KJG ensure that these are inline with Pride Planning Trustee objectives. Where areas of weakness or inefficiencies are identified, practical recommendations for improvements will be put forward, whilst ensuring that ongoing information and advice is partner led keeping key principles such as; information and efficiency is at the centre of their service. 


With an extensive network and close relationships within both the legal and banking sectors, KJG are well placed to aid Pride Planning Trust’s growth, future development and success.